Fuel Pump Service

fuel pump service

Are you searching for accurate and thorough fuel pump service, along with courteous customer service, in Woodbury? Our team at Euro Autoworks will meet all that criteria and more. Step into our European auto repair shop, savor the smell and taste of our freshly-baked cookies, and let our ASE-Certified Master auto mechanics get right to work on your fuel pumps.

Compared to domestic vehicles, European vehicles often require a different skillset and toolset. Our auto mechanics, at Euro Autoworks in Woodbury, possess the latest and greatest tools, technology, and training. If you were worried about finding a European auto repair shop of a caliber similar to your car, we are proud to say we can ease your concerns. We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk too, so to speak. We provide a 3-year/36,000-mile-mile warranty on fuel pump service and repair.

Here is a recent 5-star review from one of our happy customers about the fuel pump service they received at Euro Autoworks in Woodbury:

“Just got my 560SL back and am pleased. I had a fuel issue. I was hoping it was something simple like a fuel pump relay. They figured it needed a new pump. They replaced the pump with no results. They traced the wiring to a mouse nest and a ground wire eaten. They took out the new pump and put the old one back in, fixed the wire and it started right up!!Here’s the reason these guys are SPECIAL!! The cost of replacing the pump was going to cost something N of $450. With all the monkey business I got out of there for $170! They could have sold me the new pump, but they didn’t!!! I wish I knew these guys when I had my 944.” — Britt F

For a European auto repair shop with a commitment to both your safety and satisfaction, look no further than Euro Autoworks in Woodbury. If you need fuel pump service, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We aim to take care of your vehicle’s problem right away, providing you with a solution to last. Euro Autoworks is conveniently located at 8276 Hudson Rd #200, Woodbury, MN 55125.


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